Advanced and Automotive Solar Systems -

this is what a2-solar we has been concentrating on for more than 25 years now already. Our core business concentrates on developing convincing solutions for innovative and untapped areas of solar applications. For us, convincing solutions means solar applications which excel in maximum performance, 100% suitability for everyday use and longevity while meeting all the highest qualitative and esthetic criteria expected from a top German brand.

Highest Germany Quality and Experience – this is not only a statement but our standard which we ultimately impose on all our photovoltaic products and developments. This is how we brought products such as the world’s largest spherically curved solar module not only to fruition but also on the road. Our solar modules are made for all fields of applications such as the automotive industry, the building-integrated photovoltaic technology and innovative solutions for advanced applications which are often granted little consideration.

At a2-solar, any mission impossible is turned into a mission possible. And to be sure: the huge potential, solar technology inherits, is still far from being exhausted.