Pure elegance with greatest performance.

In early 2015, a2-solar has received the nomination for the solar roof of the new KARMA. In September 2016, a2-solar has finalized the nearly 2 years of developments and launched the new solar roof for the New KARMA Revero - symbolizing a lighthouse shining worldwide for new and innovative ways of renewable energy use and sustainability. And again, the solar roof module is the biggest in size, with 200 Watts the most powerful and most spherically curved solar car roof module in existence.

The KARMA Revero is a visionary "Grand Tourismo" equipped with a "plug-in-hybrid" drive train. Its overall range is 500 km without recharging and refuelling. On pure electric mode, it is even up to 80 km. The new solar roof has been perfectly adapted to the car and charges the vehicle for about 2.000 km per year for pure solar driving fun – all free of costs and CO2 emissions.

Additional Benefits:

  • Aesthetic and futuristic modules with highest efficiency
  • Charging of large traction batteries with very high performance modules
  • Self-sufficient battery charging for power systems, climatisation and traction
  • CO2-Credits granted in Europe and the U.S.

As pioneers in the field of "automotive" solar modules, we‘re proud to be able to offer our customers trend-setting technologies:

  • Solar modules for sliding roofs and roof systems for parking ventilation of vehicles
  • Integral solar roof systems with top efficiency and performance in the shape of transparent or semi-transparent roofs to charge traction batteries of hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Modular versions as a "double thin glass solar module" or with single pane safety glass or in combination with light-weight composite materials

Further References

8. September 2016

Unique solar system for Volvo SuperTruck

a2-solar delivers worldwide unique solar system for Volvo Supertruck.
17. December 2015

Solar Shuttle Express – “movin’ on sunshine”

a2-solar supplies semi-transparent high-performance solar modules for the SOIOS shuttle trains.
13. September 2015

Audi etron quattro concept (IAA 2015)

At the International Motor Show (IAA), the Audi etron quattro concept has been presented with our 400 Watt solar car roof module.

The perfect blend of design and funtion – pure elegance with maximum performance.