Our Commitment to Quality & Sustainability

Pioneering and innovating worldwide within the field of a "green" industry for automotive as well as building-integrated and special solar applications, our focus is not only set on highest quality of our innovative products and services but also on the e-novation of our products - the ecological effects of our products and production processes. Our production processes are therefore constantly developed and the use of raw materials, emissions and waste quantities continuously minimized.

We pursue active environmental protection and occupational safety in all phases of production: We use environmentally compatible processes and constantly improve our technologies to protect people and the environment. We operate a modern energy management system for all forms of energy (compressed air, electrical and heating energy) as well as for all machines and buildings from an ecological point of view. We meet our responsibility towards our customers, employees and the environment through process-oriented management systems.

Already during the development of our products and services, we place the highest demands on quality, conservation of resources, efficient use of energy and occupational health and safety. Extensive preventive and precautionary measures accompany our actions. This also includes preventive measures to avoid and limit possible damage or waste.

We are in constant and intensive dialogue with employees, suppliers, customers, associations and authorities in order to achieve our goals in the areas of quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

For further Information on our quality and environmental policies or our code of conduct and sustainability standards you are welcome to read the accompanying documents.