Innovative technology with eMotion:

With the spirit of invention to set application ideas in motion.

Photovoltaics has emancipated itself from buildings over the last few years. In cities or along highways, railroad tracks or waterways, you‘ll find more and more applications for photovoltaics:

  • Sound-proofing walls
  • Bifacial modules
  • Special modules designed according to specific regulations for bridge railings, public lighting and signal systems

In addition, now more than ever, mobile solar systems are coming to the fore. Thanks to the unique and long years of expertise of a2-solar`s employees in the field of spherically curved solar systems, even fields of applications that weren‘t given much consideration until today are now becoming more and more appealing for our customers.

Our special module features:

  • Customer-tailored as flat, bent or spherically curved modules in all geometrical shapes
  • Glass thickness of 0,5 – 12 mm
  • Glass size of 0,2 – 7 m²
  • Great choice of solar cell types and encapsulation materials in all RAL-colors

Advanced solar modules with e-Motion:

For example, our “solar egg“ integrated into the Solar Press-Shark sets the special litter compacting system into motion only by using solar energy, while also providing green energy for activating the technical devices to move its safety flap and to send radio signals.

Also, the exclusive Paradiso pool roofings set their wheels in motion through its innovative „Paradiso Emotion compact syncronized autodrive system” - only using the solar energy generated from our slim solar lamellas.

As solar column claddings for lighting towers, our bent solar column modules ensure for a self-sufficient energy supply of lighting pillars to avoid streets and people being left in the dark.

We do not see any limits in solar application possibilities or the diversity of ideas. Our aim is not only to reach customers with innovative solar emotions but rather to move the process of continuous invention. Driven by our culture of innovation, we therefore keep re-inventing to set future ideas in motion.