Bright solar façade solutions made by a2-solar:

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Annually rising electricity costs are more and more increasing the interest for building-integrated photovoltaics as an ‘appealing’ solution to save energy and costs.

In relation to a comparable power plant with standard solar modules, previous Building-integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) projects implied a multiple of investment while failing most times in a cost-benefit analysis when based on the EEG’s feed-in tariff for solar power. Thus, solar building solutions gained a reputation as loss-makers. However, such general cost analysis did not consider – or if so to a very limited extend - the additional glass-specific benefits for building shells per se, such as climate protection, shading or security components. Thus, specific glass-glass modules only found their market as niche products. Furthermore, the majority of former BiPV projects had been realized as architectural highlights which prioritized the architectonical appeal of a solar façade in order to place a visible symbol for sustainability.

With the new ENEV 2021 regulations, Europe requires that in the future, all newly constructed buildings proof a neutral energy balance. Besides roofs, facades of large administration or residential buildings are providing a new opportunity as energy generators. Particularly with regard to the small-sized roofs of skyscrapers in city centers, façade surfaces represent a significant potential to generate a substantial amount of solar power. In Germany, the city of Freiburg set one of the first signs with its new City Hall as zero-energy building. With one of Europe’s largest solar glass façade, our solar modules are contributing significantly to the overall energy balance. In addition to a standard roof-top system, our particular customized glass-glass modules have been integrated into the façade surface which do not only generate energy but also comply with all legal requirements regarding statics and wind loads. This solar façade system of 13.000m² surface consists of 880 framed double-glass modules aligned towards the sun, ensuring for a total power output of 220kW.

In parallel, the decision makers and facility managers of the automotive sector are more and more considering sustainable energy solutions for their related premises on an international scale: In addition to some “large” standard solar roof-top systems on factory buildings, also administration buildings and local sale centers are to set visible signs of sustainability. Apart from façade integrations, also carport solutions and other special solar applications are in discussion to enhance the “green consciousness” of the automotive industry. In Berlin Adlershof, the new solar Porsche pylon represents such an example: In front of the new Porsche center, a steel tower of 25m height has been equipped with 172 special frameless double-glass modules which a2-solar has designed and produced as a double-glass laminate. With a total surface of approximately 270m² and a height of 25 m, the solar pylon generates up to 30.000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year under ideal conditions.

Due to the ENEV regulations, all buildings and facades are to be equipped with energy-saving components in the future. a2-solar has specialised in how to meet these requirements. Just get in contact with us. It would be our pleasure to answer your technical encounters and to propose you for your solar project our customer-tailored quote which does not only meet your architectural and energetic needs but also with static requirements - true to our slogan: “Never say never, everything is possible”.

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Solar shingle facade as active, energy-generating building shell