a2-solar stands for „green“ solar boats

As a matter of fact, standard boats and vessels heavily pollute our waters and air. But they also cause horrible noise, disturbing the sea life. When fuelled with petrol or gas, boats emit quite high CO2 levels, which cause global warming and the green-house effect. Boats equipped with our solar modules are almost silent, emission-free and environment-friendly. Using renewable energy resources avoids such climate damages.

Solar boats – reliable and efficient power rigs

At solar boats, the entire electricity is exclusively supplied by renewables. Our special solar boat applications yield enough energy to power all the necessary boat devices. At night or times of low sunlight, these solar boats are powered by the electricity stored within high-capacity batteries.

Your technological expert

a2-solar offers a broad range of solar systems for integration in any kind of vehicles such as cars, busses, trucks, trains and boats, etc. Depending on the field of application, versatile techniques with crystalline, thin-film or organic cells are implemented. Our modules may be integrated into sliding roof systems or directly into the vehicle chassis as full solar roof systems. Thanks to high-efficiency solar cells, our double-glass and so called ultra-light-weight solar modules can be designed as semi-transparent module versions without major yield losses.

Especially in the field of boat construction, the right technology is of vital importance as solar boat modules have to resist for instance salt water corrosions and heavy vibrations. Furthermore, the feature as a walk-on surface is a particular challenge that is not easy for everybody to master. If you want to turn your boat or vessel into a “green”, long-life and eye-catching solar power rig, just get in touch with us to assess your project.