Module not available anymore? At a2-solar, it is!

“Never say never” - under this slogan, a2-solar Advanced and Automotive Solar Systems GmbH has started to reproduce several types of solar modules of other manufacturers as “replicas” – providing all the quality expected from a top German brand.

Nowadays, some module manufacturers have disappeared from the market. Warranty claims increase and customers remain empty-handed. Especially during the booming period from 2006 till 2010, manufacturers focused rather on quantity than quality. Also, there are module types which are not built in serial production anymore. Hence, manufacturers are searching for a flexible but absolutely reliable partner who manages to ensure highest-quality reproduction and further supply of these “missing” modules.

Thanks to our more than 25 years of expertise in designing and producing distinctive solar modules, we are literally predestined to replace such “trouble-makers” or modules which are not built in serial production anymore with our top-quality solutions. Our replacements are not only identical in dimensions and performance but also in the I-V curve. To replicate the electrical features poses a particular challenge. Thus, these replacements perfectly match with the “old” modules and harmoniously fit into already existing systems. As a matter of fact, even entire systems may be repowered with such replacements, often allowing some increase in performance – with a2-solar ensuring highest quality for a real life time of more than 25 years. Prices are depending on volumes of course. There are single modules available, but also in “batch sizes” of up to 100kW. a2-solar provides this service for any kind of market sector such as banks, insurances, retailors, installers or end-users, etc.

Our scope includes:

  • different module frames acc. to respective mounting systems (anodised framesin silver or black and diverse sizes & heights)
  • frameless laminates
  • different amount of cells per module
  • various cell types
  • backsheet in various colors (white, black or transparent)
  • short delivery times to repower your existing system in shortest delay
  • full warranty, of course.

Examples of module types reproduced already by a2-solar:

Identical replicas with regard to:

  • Size and measurements
  • Performance
  • I-V curve
  • Type and size of solar cells
  • Frames or as frameless laminates
  • Backsheet material

Only 3 steps to solve your problem

  1. Start your request: shortly cite the module type or the respective data sheet and amount of replicas needed.
  2. Receive your quote – free of charge directly from one of our technical team members
  3. On-site installation by your or one of our trade partners

What information do we need to build replicas?

  • Electrical characteristics of your defective module
  • Information on power and measurements
  • Cell type
  • Volume of replacements needed as prices depend on volumes.

Or simply send. All the infomation is given in the respective data sheet of your solar system. Or else, just send the data sheet.