Simple but classy: 42 running meters of "pure" solar optics

a2-solar delivers extra-ordinary solar attic to the Swiss Alps

In the Swiss city of Termen, our solar balcony modules convince with "pure" solar optics in a simple but noble design on 42 meters all around the attic floor - not distracting the view neither from the surrounding beauty of nature nor the modern design of this great residence in the middle of the Valais Alps.

For this solar attic, we custom-tailored our solar modules individually according to the desires and ideas of the company Ewald Gattlen AG. Already at the first project stage, it was out of question to somehow cover or hide the solar appearance

The result: A sheer noble look.

This object is the best proof that even an "unvarnished" solar appearance can perfectly blend into nature and its surroundings.

This solar railing consists of a total of 32 modules (with 1 dummy module) with module sizes from 1200mm x 1147mm to 1665mm x 1147mm in 2x10mm double glass technology. The modules were mounted in a simple but classy aluminum floor rail, top-mounted without handrail, so that the seamless look underlines the modernity of this all-glass railing. According to the individual sizes, these transparent solar modules were designed as 30, 35 and 40 cell modules with 5mm spaces in-between. Thus, the entire solar balcony system achieves a total output of approx. 3.7kWp. Due to the ideal location, snow reflections and weather conditions, this solar system can achieve a solar yield of even up to 5.500kWh p.a.

In combination with the rooftop system, the solar power produced covers the electricity needs of the ownership community (5 parties) and is stored in a 13.6kWh storage system. The surplus of solar power is fed directly into the public grid.

The assembly, installation and commissioning of this system was carried out by the company Ewald Gattlen AG itself and was subsidized with 2.285 CHF. For further details about this residence, please click here.

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a2-solar delivers extra-ordinary solar attic to the Swiss Alps