Photovoltaics to preserve his Majesty

a2-solar delivers 400 solar modules for one of Europe’s highest sightseeing points

At a surface of 200m length, our 400 special solar modules of 22mm thickness, directly integrated into the new building shell of the Grossglockner parking house, generate a total of 100kW pure solar energy. This back-ventilated solar shingle façade allows electrical vehicles to “refuel” with solar energy upon the howling trail up to the panoramic mountain platform which has been named after the Habsburg emperor Franz-Josef.

For many years already, the Grossglockner high alpine road – one of the world’s most amazing scenic roads – has been serving as testing trail for e-cars to validate the performance of e-mobility.

Thanks to this public solar parking house, the emission-free mobility reaches a new summit: to face and brave climate changes on-the-spot.

For politicians and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), this outstanding initiative should give one more reason to no longer underestimate the potential of photovoltaics – especially building-integrated PV – when talking about “solar offensives”.

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18. July 2017

a2-solar participates in the joint R&D project PATOS

24. April 2017

a2-solar donates solar car roof modules to Thuringian schools

a2-solar provides solar car roof modules for Thuringian schools to teach on photovoltaic technology and solar systems in technical college classes. The CEO of a2-solar himself, Mr. Reinhard Wecker (right), handed over the solar modules to the prinicpal Karsten Pohlemann (left) and some of the 2nd year EDP trainees of the Andreas-Gordon-College in Erfurt.
17. December 2016

Solar carport in noble wood craft

This solar carport impresses with maximum performance in an appealing floating design on timber arcades. It fulfils all technical and aesthetic requirements.

a2-solar delivers 400 solar modules for one of Europe’s highest sightseeing points