Developed by a2-solar

Since very recently, a unique kind of solar power system is towering above the new Porsche Center in Berlin, thus standing as a new symbol of sustainable and innovative incentives.

With a total surface of approximately 270sqm and a height of 25m, the solar pylon can generate up to 30.000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year under ideal conditions. The 172 glass-glass solar modules produced by a2-solar have been mounted in an innovative structural-glazing technology to a steel tower. a2-solar has designed, developed and produced the special double-glass modules as seamless modules of 2x6mm glasses as well as the special back-contact connection system in tight co-operation with the Porsche AG, the architects of CMP and the German façade construction specialist Glas Wagener. Thanks to the particular back-contact mounting profiles which have been designed specifically for fixing these modules in a frameless way onto the steel construction, the solar modules are merely separated by ultrathin gaps so that you only see one homogenous glass surface without any aesthetically disturbing holding clips – a perfect fusion of design and functionality.

Due to the ENEV regulations, all buildings and facades are to be equipped with energy-saving components in the future. a2-solar has specialised in how to meet these requirements. Just get in contact with us. It would be our pleasure to answer your technical encounters and to propose you for your solar project our customer-tailored quote which does not only meet your architectural and energetic needs but also with static requirements - true to our slogan: “Never say never, everything is possible”. Make profit of our experience gathered in decades and convince yourself of our wide product range.

Technical details:

  • Output: 35 kW (up to 30.000 kW/h p.a.)
  • Customer: Porsche
  • Size: 25m high
    270 m² of solar panel surface

Module details:

  • Size: 576mm x 2725mm
  • Technology: glass-glass (2 x 6mm)
  • Output: 211 Wp

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