11. December 2020

Simple but classy: 42 running meters of “pure” solar optics

a2-solar delivers extra-ordinary solar attic to the Swiss Alps
3. July 2020

Mini solar module for GPS system

MINI-Solar module of a2-solar GmbH ensures MAXIMUM performance of a unique GPS / telematics system
15. May 2020

A wood balcony – generating solar power!

a2-solar builds solar modules which cannot be distinguished from a wooden board.
27. March 2020

Solar Balcony Power Plant

a2-solar delivers 240 customized solar modules for balcony Integration to create a truely solar power plant in Switzerland
16. November 2017

Photovoltaics to preserve his Majesty

a2-solar delivers 400 solar modules for one of Europe’s highest sightseeing points
15. September 2016

New solar car roof module for KARMA Revero

The perfect blend of design and funtion – pure elegance with maximum performance.
8. September 2016

Unique solar system for Volvo SuperTruck

a2-solar delivers worldwide unique solar system for Volvo Supertruck.
1. August 2016

New City Hall of Freiburg

a2-solar designs and delivers the solar modules for the new City Hall in Freiburg (Germany) – one of largest solar glass facades in Europe.
12. January 2016

Solar pylon for Porsche

a2-solar develops solar structural glazing for the new Porsche pylon in Berlin Adlersof.
17. December 2015

Solar Shuttle Express – “movin’ on sunshine”

a2-solar supplies semi-transparent high-performance solar modules for the SOIOS shuttle trains.
13. September 2015

Audi etron quattro concept (IAA 2015)

At the International Motor Show (IAA), the Audi etron quattro concept has been presented with our 400 Watt solar car roof module.
12. September 2015

VW Tiguan GTE concept (IAA 2015)

At the International Motor Show (IAA), the VW Tiguan GTE has been presented with our 2-pieces 110 Watt solar car roof system, directly integrated into the cars sliding roof system
15. August 2015

Moon Racer – Audi Lunar Quattro (IAA 2015)

At the International Motor Show (IAA), the moon racer has been exhibited with our tiltable solar roof panel which generates the solar energy for this vehicle to rove the moon.
6. June 2015

Solar shingle facade as active, energy-generating building shell

Our solution for your active, energy-generating building shell: an easy-to-mount, back-ventilated cold building facade in shingle optics made of glass-glass modules with high-efficiency solar cells whereby all components may.
20. May 2015


As a pioneer of the solar industry, environment is a major aspect of course. The more we are glad and proud that our solar modules are used to prosper the future of green waste disposal.
1. March 2015

Solar panel replicas

“NEVER SAY NEVER” – under this slogan, we reproduce several types of solar modules of other manufacturers as “replicas” – providing all the quality expected from a top German brand.
17. December 2014

Fisker KARMA solar car roof module

Between 2010 and 2012 already, the team members of a2-solar had developed and produced the largest, spherically most curved and back then, with 120 Watts the most powerful solar car roof module of its kind for the American sports car Fisker KARMA – one of the worldwide most advanced vehicles.
30. October 2014


Apart from generating electricity, these special glass glass modules with semi-transparent high-efficiency design cells and transparent encapsulation material ensure for a pleasant indoor climate as well as sun screening.
6. June 2014

a2-solar’s exhibition at the Intersolar 2014

Thuringian Minister for Economy visits a2-solar at the Intersolar 2014
2. November 2013

asola Automotive is taken over by a2 solar – Advanced and Automotive Solar Systems GmbH

On Sept. 2 2013 the creditors meeting of asola Automotive Solar Deutschland GmbH confirmed and thus formally concluded the “asset-deal” and taking over of asola Automotive by a2 solar – Advanced and Automotive Systems GmbH. The parallel insolvency proceedings of ASOLA Quantum Solarpower AG ended with the same result.