a2-solar participates in the joint R&D project PATOS

(PATOS stands for process- and equipment technology for cost-effective and sustainable production of high-efficiency silicon hetero structure solar cells)


The aim of the PATOS project is a development of high efficiency (over 22%) solar cells with focus on low production costs for vehicle integration, where visual appearance is as important as the high power output. Due to the increase in electrification modern vehicles get equipped with high capacity batteries. At the same time options to power the on-board equipment like air conditioning or warming without loss of range are examined. Integration of solar cells directly in a roof of a car facilitates charging of the battery during parking and supports vehicle's electrical system during driving. For these applications solar modules of highest possible efficiency of above 20% are required due to limitations of available area. Furthermore visual appearance and geometrical design of these modules are of highest priority for successful marketing.

PATOS is carried out with financial support of: